“The Longest Night” from the album Midwinter by Peter Mayer

Light a candle, sing a song
Say that the shadows shall not cross
Make an oblation out of all you've lost
In the longest night

Gather friends and cast your hopes
Into the fire as it snows
And stare at God through the dark windows
Of the longest night of the year

A night that seems like a lifetime
If you're waiting for the sun
So why not sing to the nighttime
And the burning stars up above?


Come with drums, bells and horns
Or come in silence, come forlorn
Come like a miner to the door
Of the longest night

For deep in the stillness, deep in the cold
Deep in the darkness, a miner knows
That there is a diamond in the soul
Of the longest night of the year

Maybe peace hides in a storm
Maybe winter's heart is warm
And maybe light itself is born
In the longest night
In the longest night of the year

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