Salisbury Cathedral

Stones in the afternoon sun and the evening glow…
stones upon stones
upon a stone upon the earth–
Not reaching less for being planted on the earth…
rather, reaching more–
giving bold testament into the blue:
When our moments bring us to eternity’s edge,
it is not just the deep, cold earth for us…
there is the soaring,
the finding of our home–
the welcome of our Father
in the place prepared for us.
We do not know it now, with our senses,
but we have heard
and we imagine, and
we hope, and
faith knows for us what we cannot know ourselves.
And we wait–
and as we wait we wonder,
and as we wonder we thank,
and in our thanks we love,
and in our love we accept all that has been offered…
The stones, our invitation, our reminder
that heaven has offered a place to us.
In expectation, the stones speak our destiny.

poem and photo from the foot of the Salisbury Cathedral
August 16, 1993

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